Business adress: WINGS GROUP s.r.o Kpt. Vajdy 1524/1 70030 Ostrava ICO: 27770834 DIC: CZ27770834 mail: Ekon. business register Business licence   PLACE OF BUSINESS Kosmova 11 (HADEX area) 702 00 Ostrava-Privoz BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Ing. Pavel Rezny mail: tel.: +420 603 439 284 TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT Jan Kubik mail: tel.: +420 604 893 131 BANK[…]


WINGS FUN/SPORT Wings Group – Fun / Sport division – rent or lease laser shooting ranges and trainers. We provide shortterm or longterm rent. We can lease our devices for your wholeday event, we can train customer for self service or we can arrange service from our side on your event. We organize outdoor events[…]


RIVAL Portable suitcased shooting range – just connect to your computer or notebook and you can just start shooting. Indoor and outdoor usage, easy manipulation, 10 minutes installation, reduced size targets. CANS Can shooting machine – all in one box – easy manipulation, 10 minutes installation. Real targets shooting. BIATHLON Shooting trainer for indoor and[…]


WINGS Rival Blind Laser Sound simulated shooting for blind and pureblind shooters Portable suitcase laser simulator for aimed and instinct shooting Ambient lighting high resitant Safe laser emitters with visible red trace usage Short or long training guns shooting, inserted or added laser emitter Wireless gun Sound aiming for visually impaired training Easy usage without[…]


WHY LASER SIMULATORS? Ammunition savings Safe real fight simulation Convenient hit rating Simulators are optoelectronic laser devices for individual or unit shooting trainig on real ranges without using real ammunition. During training are commonly used guns with real kickback and sound efect while using training bullets. Gun shooting with laser emitter and trainig bullets provides to users needed habits[…]


LASER GUNS Gun modifications for laser shooting range Shor or long gun modifications either plastic or metal bodied. Standard shooting range is 5 to 50 m, battery capacity is about 50.000 hits. Airsoft gun modifications Airsoft guns advantage is low cost, high quality, easy service and guarantee. These guns are designed for many shots (over 10.000) with[…]